Electric Saws
(No Fumes)

Hydraulic Hand Sawing:
Is used for slab or flat cutting, such as such as concrete cutting, reinforced concrete cutting, brick cutting, asphalt cutting and metal materials cutting.

Concrete Chain Sawing:
Used to cut through reinforced concrete and concrete plunge cuts.

Slab Sawing:
Allows to saw on flat or horizontal surfaces such as walkways, concrete slabs, asphault, structures, flooring, curbs and more.

Core Drilling:
Drill precise holes from 1/2 to 48 inches in reinforced concrete, concret, bricks, blocks and stone at any angle up to 10 feet deep.

Breaking Removal:
Serving all major cities in Florida (Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota, Orlando, Miami and Palm Beach). We have right concrete removal equipment to suit the exact needs of your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar:
Will locate without drilling, probing or digging post tension cables, rebar, conduits, voids and slab thickness.

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We cover and service all major cities in Florida and more.

About Big T

Big T Concrete Cutting is a full service concrete cutting, drilling, coring, ground penetrating radar (GPR), contractor with 30 Years of experience. We have full equipment and staff to complete any job, on budget, on time.

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Slab Sawing: Slab Sawing is typically used to cut trenches for electric or plumbing pipes. Also, Concrete Slab, up to 36 inches thick.

Electric Slab Saws: used in situations where the cutting is an enclosed area where there can be no fumes. Place like buildings, homes, malls, hospitals, etc.

Core drilling: Core precise holes from 1/2 inch to 48 inches through slabs, walls, roofs, ceilings, etc. at any angle up to 10 feet deep. Core Drilling typically can be done quietly and with very little mess.

Electric Sawing:
(no fumes)

Concrete Chain Sawing:
(No overcuts)

Breaking and Chipping

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) non-destructive means to locate targets such as: Locate Post Tension Cable, Electric, Rebar, etc, imbedded in concrete within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring.

Coring: Holes of almost any diameter are easily drilled to make openings for plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations. Core drilling is also commonly used to create holes for routing cables or placing anchoring bolts, installing load carrying devices like dowel bars, or for analysis of structures, rock or strata.

Tools of the Trade
We have a full line of chipping hammers and chipping guns.

Ready to work

Ready to work

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